Thank you for visiting Venice Properties, the best landlord on OSU campus! We pride ourselves on offering our customers great locations, excellent amenities, and reliable maintenance and customer service. 

We can say anything we want, but this is what a few of our residents had to say about us:
  • "Best landlord that I've had. Everything in the house seemed to be up to code, which is rare around here. All needed maintenance was taken care of quickly." 
  • "Maintenance requests are fixed right away-I am impressed with your level of service!"
  • "I just wanted to email you to thank you for responding quickly to the ceiling issue on our stairwell. Your guys came over this morning and knocked 95% of it out and it looks great so far!" 
  • "First of all, my husband and I want to thank you for your promptness on all of the maintenance requests we've asked be performed.  We as parents, worry about our daughter and it's a difficult transition to say the least." 
  • "The house was very clean upon my arrival. I was impressed and would like to thank you. The move in process was not difficult and Nick was very nice and made it easy to move in and be excited. I think the process was painless and quick. As the other girls started to move in they (and their parents) were also impressed with the condition of the house." 
  • "Move in process was very easy!."
  • "You have been a good landlord to us for our entire stay here and we are very happy with all you have done for us!"
  • "It is nice to know that the company we choose to lease from actually cares about its tenants and their view on things!" 
  • "Venice Properties does a wonderful job of helping us fix up the little things we need to get taken care of. I am very thankful for having such a reliable landlord."
  • "Thank you for the signed lease papers for the city parking permits and being very quick to help us with our move in process."
  • "The move in process was quick and easy. The house was clean and looked great. The staff member that helped was very helpful and answered all of our questions. I can't really think of anything that could have made it any better." 
  • "First of all we really liked our home and the move-in appointment was great. Also, thanks for the gifts! they were very nice too. The house is in good condition and I'm really glad to be in a house like this."
  • "The maintenance is great and we are always very happy after they come to fix things."
  • "Venice has been great to rent from and the maintenance service has been timely and top-notch!"
  • "Thank you all for being so reliable, we really appreciate it!"